Note: Pagination does not work with markdown files, it only works with html file extensions.

Just follow these steps to add pagination to your blog:


add the pagination setting: yaml markdown: rdiscount pygments: true lsi: true exclude: ['README.markdown', 'README_FOR_COLLABORATORS.markdown', 'Gemfile.lock', 'Gemfile'] production: false //add this line to add pagination paginate: 3 //the number of post per page


just add the posts and the pagination links:

layout: default
title: Blog

<!-- Pagination links -->
<div class="pagination">

    <span class="previous">Previous</span>

  <span class="page_number ">Page:  of </span>

    <span class="next ">Next</span>


A note about page1

Jekyll does not produce a page1 folder so using the above code will not work when a link is produced of the form "/page1". The following textile will handle page1 and render a list of each page with links to all but the current page.

``` textile